Aims and objectives

FEJ vision

FEJ vision

Aims and objectives

Fandroid East JAPAN (FEJ) has been launched to develop and improve Android application developers and subsequently stimulate the Android application-related businesses in Sendai-shi in Miyagi-ken and surrounding areas in the Tohoku region.

Management Terms


1)This organization is called Fandroid EAST JAPAN (hereafter “the Organization”).


2) The Organization’s objective is to support Android application developers and developing organizations in the Tohoku region by providing education, job matching and promoting public relation activities related to development of Android applications.


3) The Organization is to be engaged in the following activities for the aforementioned objective:

1. Education: organizing workshops for smartphone development, especially focusing on Android applications;

2. Communication: organizing job matching events for developers, creators, and sponsors;

3. Public relations: distributing information across the country about members and applications members have developed;

4. Liaison: setting up a contact center, responding to enquiries, attracting sponsors.


4) The Organization sets up an office to carry out the aforementioned activities. The term of office for Chairman, Secretary General, Education Officer, Public Relations Officer, and Liaison Officer is one year.


5) If you agree to the objective of the Organization and wish to join it, you need to apply for the membership by following the specified steps and subject to approval by the Chairman.

2. If the Chairman disapprove an application from an individual, he will need to inform the applicant of the disapproval and the reasons in writing immediately.

Members’ rights and obligations

6)Members can publicly acknowledge their memberships. However, this is not mandatory.

7) Members can attend workshops and job matching events organized by the Organization and receive relevant information sent from the Organization.

Disqualification form Membership

8) A member will be disqualified from membership if:

(1) the member submits a notice of withdrawal; or

(2) if the member dies or the Organization dissolves; or

(3) if the member is expelled.


9)Members may resign at any time by submitting to the Chairman a notice of withdrawal.


10) A member may be expelled by a resolution of the Office if s/he meets one of the following criteria. In such a case, the member will be given a chance for explanation before the resolution.

(1) if the member violates these terms; or

(2) if the member commits an act dishonorable to the Organization or acts against the Organization’s objective.。

Detailed regulations

11) Any matter not stipulated herein shall be settled each time upon the Office’s resolution.

Supplementary provision

1. These terms are in effect from June 1, 2011.